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Why Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing is a very popular choice for people seeking to make a flexible income from a range of freelance writing jobs including being able to work from home. Its something that literally anyone can get into, plus it has the added benefit of being able to write about a subject that interests you since so many outlets for making money exist.

In this hub, I will prove many aspects of this very popular freelance forum including:
  • You can find real freelance writing jobs existing in great abundance
  • You dont need to pay for access to directories and job sites
  • You dont have to accept low paying projects from $5 an article (please dont..)
  • You can avoid being scammed by fraudulent employers
  • You can find real jobs not just 50/50 revenue sharing options (though these are good and will serve another hub as you can work from home in freelance writing doing this)
I wont be covering revenue sharing schemes here as this hub is about how to get freelance writing jobs and not revenue sharing options.
A good start is to decide which writing venture interests you more - technical writing, copy writing, proof reading, copy editing, SEO writing, academic writing...
If you are a programmer or a IT software user, perhaps technical writing would suit your freelance writing objectives.
Freelance academic writing suits those who have written dissertations, possess a degree and understand citation rules such as Harvard.
For starting freelance writers with no experience, article writing is the best starting point as so many projects exist. So many companies need content for their sites and blogs and literature. This area alone can be a fulltime job.
To sum up the writing
You can follow my live feeds on twitter which include jobs from various freelance job sources.
So I will show you how to get freelance writing Jobs.

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