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The first move tends to be content mills and this suits at first but prepare for a better career than $5 articles. One of the reasons I check The Write Life and The Penny Hoarder is not just that the tips are useful but also the facts stand up against tested formats. Just typing Write For Us into Google brings up lots of blogs wanting posts.

You should start out with your own blog, one that shows your profile clearly. Buy a domain or just use blogger or Wix. Plus add some samples of articles or links to guest posts and then start pitching sites. This simple approach immediately steers you around dreaded $5 jobs on content mills.

Kick off with a professional eye, this gets you taken seriously. If you are an expert in a subject area, why are you on content mills? Lots of blogs and corporate ones need you. Even if you lack a specialism, what are your interests. Perhaps you are adept at fishing. Any fishing blogs out there - damn right.

This is my article choice from the webosphere today as it talks about that foothold as a beginner writer.

If you’re looking to work from home as a freelance writer, there is
certainly a plethora of opportunities out there. As a beginner, it can
be daunting when deciding where to start.

When I was aspiring to become a freelance writer, I remember how I
kept obsessing over how I was going to land my first writing gig. In
turn, I started a mission to figure out how every other successful
freelance writer got their start. The results? Everyone got started in a
different way. Some had people approach them to write, while others had
to hustle and send 20 different pitches before landing a client.

With freelancing, everyone’s beginning is different but there is one
underlying similarity: taking action and getting started. Even though I
landed my first freelance writing job fairly easy, I still had to establish a blog and put up a ‘hire me’ page so potential clients knew I was looking for work.

Read the full article at

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners - Single Moms Income

Never undersell yourself. If desperate for money, go through lists of paying work carefully and pitch at a pace carefully - do not rush or panic. There are 1000s of paying sites in most niches, start with a few to pitch, then increase that as the writing pace gets more comfortable.

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

You get up, check your email, yawn a bit, check for new projects, apply for more...

It is a weekly grind that us writers get accustomed to week in week out.

That is us freelance content writers keeping in touch with the demand for blog content, newsletters, social media story writing, etc.

Or perhaps as a fiction writer, you are aiming for a publishing contract now you have a series of recognised tales.

What is your strategy? Do you have one?

Not so much on goals as how you get there. Your goal may be on obvious one: create a fulltime income by the end of the month.

Or your goal may be: Create an extra income stream from writing.

So, how do you get there and how do you approach walking this new path.

Here are top freelance writing sites with articles from experienced writers listing their strategy tips.

1. How to Get Clients as a Freelance Writer: 10 Brilliant Strategies

Whether you’re just starting your freelance writing career or slogging through a slow period, figuring out how to get clients can be nerve-wracking.

The hard truth: You’re going to have to hustle to get new writing clients. Even the most experienced freelancers have to expand their circles on a regular basis.

2. Conduct Better Phone Interviews: 5 Strategies for Freelance Writers

For freelance writers who work with magazines or online publications, completing phone interviews is a way of life.

Technology, social media and email have certainly made it easier to connect with sources, but when it comes to writing a feature story, phone interviews beat email every time.

3. 10 Simple Strategies to Market Yourself as a Freelance Writer

Do you ever get stuck on the thought of how to market yourself as a freelance writer?
I mean we are not Target, Amazon or Nike, so how do small-business people/freelance writers like ourselves get our brand out there in the BIG World Wide Web?

If you have ever thought this, you are not alone. I thought the same thing myself when I started. Thankfully, I learned that it wasn’t as difficult as it seemed to build my brand and get my name out there. It just took a little time and effort and knowing HOW to do it.

Think out your plan, know how to achieve it, and focus!

Developing A Strategy As A Freelance Writer

Never ceases to surprise me how many sites are paying for content. Gone are the days of you thinking $5 an article worked, or spending a day writing and correcting for an editor not paying more than $20. Better freelance writing jobs exist, each day.

Those days are no more.

It takes some digging, though diamonds can be found.

What are your interests?

Let’s look at this from the point of view of a struggling freelance writer. Let’s call him Sam. Sam likes to write about Android apps coupled with a further interest in coding apps for Android phones. Sam is a programmer, he codes apps and sells them. Though, Sam loves to review Android apps and write about the plethora of useful apps for business, games available, etc.

The freelance writer in him wants to write. And Sam gains a secondary income from freelance writing jobs.

As a starting point, as he knows app development so well, he wants to be paid to write about it.

Ok, Sam, here goes.

Step 1, Avoid the content mills. This suits beginning writers and if that is you, they can pay some bills but if you can write professionally about a subject, look for higher paying assignments. This is what Sam is about to do. Even if there are app article projects there, pay is too low. Technical writers can easily get paid up to $500 for writing useful blogs regularly.

Sam needs to find blogs about:

    1. Tips on coding apps for Android

    2. Tutorials and News about Android apps.

Great. A starting point.

Now where to look?? Easy, Google, with a focus on sites paying for programming tutorials.

Sam searches for the following varying the periods to find more recent blogs showing up last month or last week. He tries:

android development tutorials
android programming tips
android programming blog

That brings up top blogs, and a lot want guest posts, Great! But which ones pay. Are these potential freelance writing jobs?

Sam is not doing this for traffic to his blog, he wants to paid for the articles he writes. A browse through the results provides a list of sites paying from $50 to $500 per article. Sam grabs the links, adds them to a spreadsheet, the first batch of sites to pitch.

Now back to Google (there are many ways to find sites, not just search engines, do make use of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest too, I also recommend Followerwonk and Buzzsumo).

Sam wants to target blogs with requests for writers so he tries:

"write for us" android programming "we pay"

Boom! A list, In fact, Sam is spoilt for choice and adds a huge batch of sites to the sheet.

I won’t go into the pitch part here, that will be a later article but right now Sam has a number of high paying blogs to pitch. In fact, if he writes about 8 articles a month, he can get paid as much as $2000 if he can gain the trust of the editors and provide consistently useful material for their readers.

Try your own variations of the above search phrase.

Looking for freelance writing work?
I created a new list by the way.

There you go. It took Sam about an hour to create an income of around $2000 a month.

Of course, the pitches decide if the income goes ahead, as does finding editors who are happy with his work. This is the first step. Sam can pitch each blog until he has enough article ideas accepted and filled his writing quota for the month.

This is just one way to create a writing income. Plus, these are sites that may pay upfront or once accepted. Even if upon publication, this is a quick turnaround as editors want their blogs updated frequently.

Rather than wait for freelance writing jobs to appear on job sites, go pitch for them.

Try it. What are your skills? What do you talk about with friends? Where do your passions sit?

These thoughts point you to subject matter that a blog somewhere pays writers like you to submit.

Have a good day all.

The eBook That Created an Income For Hundreds Of Freelance Writers
£3.99 / $6.08

Who Wants Freelance Writing Jobs Daily?

Looking for freelance writing work?

A quick scurry around various sites reveals plenty to consider.

Think about your interests and skills when looking for blogs paying for articles.

$200 per article, typically within a month of publication.

Want to Write for Cracked? You Can Start Now (and Get Paid)

I am listing just one content mill as I urge you to find clients instead. This one is okay as they pay regularly.

The eBook That Created an Income For Hundreds Of Freelance Writers
Start Earning Today
£3.99 / $6.08

Always daily updated lists and a good site for finding long term clients

Great lists updated daily and curated sources from Craigslist and many job boards

Useful mainly for US residents but always worth a check to see if remote positions are offered to non-US residents

Don't forget to use the job search engines. Indeed lists lots of UK freelance writing jobs, switch to the .com site for US and international vacancies.

Useful tips on finding freelance writing work in Facebook Groups. The groups are very active where the focus is on sharing useful information. Many groups are dedicated to sharing places to find work.

No personal experience of this site but some writers have claimed it delivers

This site has been active for years, they list writer roles

Google+ like Facebook plays host to a number of freelance writing communities. Here is one example, a worthy group with a Jobs section to check weekly.

This is the only bidding site to mention as they list regular work

More updates like this to come. Keep checking back and read over the popular articles section to see further lists of sites.

Who Wants Freelance Writing Work Daily? Here It Is

Research is the bane of any writer's life but without hours of tedious fact mining, we cannot progress as writers or perform well on projects. Writing an article follows a strict process and writers who follow it shine above others.

Instantly, a badly written article addressing the wrong facts or plain missing them costs you credibility. Many editors require citations to know facts mentioned are found from credible sources. If you acquired the research data from your own work, your ability to scrape qualitative and quantitative data must show in the text.

One of the biggest complaints from editors: a freelance writer who makes statements with no evidence to back it up. Have you read articles with plain text stating something like:

Tobacco kills around 6 million people each year

Okay, so the editor asks: how did you know that. Then the article mentions no sources, no quotes from an industry professional, nothing collected, no hard data - no facts.

A press release, at its core, delivers on credible quotes and statistics if talking about a title like that. The statement fails to become a shaker for smokers if they don't really believe what they are reading. Conversely, if data collected from an organisation shows in the article, like you spoke to lots of smokers, many doctors, health organisations and from something like Worldwide Cancer Research - it becomes believable as it is now credible.

A good freelance writer will give the magazine readers hard facts, just the facts backed by sources.

So, where to get the facts? How do you present an article able to raise an editor's eyebrows at your startling findings. He loves the pitch, he loves how the pitch mentions the article will show stats, credible quotes, etc. It may even be a curated piece for a blog, all fine, if the sources are there to back up the article direction.

Writing is Fun

When you have 100s of paying markets to choose from each day!

Try It.


The editor at Make A Living Writing offers a superb article on acquiring the facts for your article.

Just the facts, credible facts.

How Freelance Article Writers Can Find Facts Fast — And Make Sure They’re True

Writing An Article as a Freelance Writer - Just The Facts

Browsing the wide digital landscape, scouring for freelance writing job information, and not getting lost tends to stumble on a range of good ideas worth reading. Some sites host regular blog updates of use to us freelance writers, sometimes with startling tips that make you go - Oooo and Ahhhh!

Here is a little round up of 5 we found interesting from the past 24 hours.

Have you got a question about freelance writing jobs? Something that mystifies you and holds you back from pursuing this career full out, because you don’t want to look stupid? 

2. Freelance Writing Jobs, July 13, 2015

FWJ always comes out on top with its daily freelance writing job feeds.

3. Renegade Writer Interview with Jordan Rosenfeld on the Value of Persistence for Writers [Podcast & PDF]

Renegade Writer scores with winning interviews with industry veterans. From the article: Jordan Rosenfeld is the author of the new book A Writer’s Guide to Persistence: How to a Create a Lasting and Productive Writing Practice, and I was excited to be able to spend 30 minutes with her discussing:
  • How editors and agents want to be seduced — they WANT to say yes! — and how many writers muff it up by talking down about themselves.
  • How to banish distraction — both the home kind and the Internet kind.
  • Why you need a Writer’s Code, and how to create one.
  • And much more...

Writing is Fun

When you have 100s of paying markets to choose from each day!

Try It.


4. Ask a Freelancer: Should Writers Be Able to Track Traffic and Other Metrics?
Important read for the real freelancer who wants to stay motivated. A top way, monitor your readership's engagement. Do you know how many of your articles are read each day, have been read recently, and how many have been shared across social media?

5. Quick Tip: Keep Blog Post Ideas Coming by Writing a Series
Allindiewriters scores with a nice way to keep blog ideas flowing:

Recently we looked at eight blog post ideas you can fall back on if you suddenly aren't sure what to write about on your blog. Today I have another tip along those lines -- something you can do on a regular basis to make idea generation a bit easier.
This week's quick tip for bloggers is to write post series rather than relying solely on one-off article ideas. 

That's our quick roundup. More next week.

The Write Job Today's Latest 5 Freelance Writing Job Article Choices

The bigger issue for freelance writers: My ability to earn OR my writing style.

Most will question the first, how the heck do I replace my job or how the heck do I pay for my bills and find writing jobs. And those upcoming parties, and that house I need a deposit for, and that holiday I promised my partner, and, and,

and, and...

Oh boy, so much stress. Maybe I should go back to a job.

Crunch, Splatter!

Should the search for writing jobs end there??

Of course not.

Often when that occurs, we are not in tune with how we manage our working lives. For example, one writer earns 100s of dollars a day, another next to Nada. Why? The one earning nothing spends time in a haphazard manner by not targeting his or her chosen interests or not by pitching publishers of books, blogs or ezines. The one not earning a cent spends hours reading information to the point where the overload connects with that undesirable moment in the evening wen you actually want to have a life not have it sucked up by the information overload.

So, what does the bad writer do?

Next day, as no plan, the usual and each day is the same.

The successful writer - on the other hand - has planned to pitch a number of publishers and maybe agencies with material. This writer THINKS differently: an agenda, a plan, a course of action able to facilitate a change capable of instilling confidence in any struggling writer.

This writer will have an income plan and next to that, how to improve on his or her writing style. By the end of the day, this writer feels GOOD. A plan has initiated a weekly occurrence of 'how to earn money' tasks and how to become a strong professional writer albeit as a magazine writer, columnist, novelist, blog writer or copywriter.

Making 'tols of nistakes' does not bother this writer, as a plan means progression, writing means rewriting. So, even if the writing looks bad and frustrates, an income plan still progresses.

The successful writer is frustrated by BOTH his or her writing style and income. Why? Both count equally and this writer will action a plan to improve both and reduce any frustration as part of a long term plan as opposed to a 'I NEED IT NOW' plan.

Back to the title: Is your writing frustrating you or your income?

Make sure it is both as part of a robust plan that reduces that frustration through growing as a writer, as a business, and as a human being. When you are that focused, when you become that stuctured that you recognise frustration to be simply a part of the journey, it no longer feels like frustration and morphs into a weapon to drive you forward.

Rome was not built in a day.

Lord of the Rings was not written in a day.

That ad 'SHIT HAPPENS' took seconds to write and boomed.

There are no rules to this game, and believe me, no matter your niche in writing, it is all a game. A game you control if you are willing to go the distance and not be beaten down by frustration at your income shortfalls, your style, your competition - or anything.

Are you frustrated?

Well done, a good sign, now what is your plan writer?

Is your writing frustrating you or your search for writing jobs?

It amazes me how LinkedIn gets you connected with so many businesses, and in no time. So for writers, it is the perfect platform for connecting with publishers, agencies and freelancers. As a writer of fiction, magazine columns, copywriting or business writing, LinkedIn hosts 100s of groups where connecting is as easy as clicking a button.

If you collaborate with others on LinkedIn, this becomes a powerful platform for your business. For example, many groups host discussions on job finding tips and job leads. Each thread brings the writers in to discuss the post. You can be sure, if a bad job lead crops up, a writer will happily let you know about his or her experience.

My group has helped content writers find work and gain help from veterans since 2012.  Here are a number of LinkedIn groups worth joining:

  • Fiction Writers Guild – Self-promotion allowed in a thread that you start/own  – over 15,190 members
  • Informed Ideas for Writers – Writers of all kinds are welcome to join the conversation about the present and future of writing. Over 8,400 members
  • LinkEds & Writers – This group is intended for authors, editors, writers, etc. Its goal is to be the preferred place on LinkedIn for wordsmiths to share their advice, joys and frustrations. Over 50,950 members

Reasons to Connect With Writers On LinkedIn

For some time, I have enjoyed submitting articles to the much more professional content mill - Writers Domain at In fact, calling it a content mill sort of degrades the value a bit as the site is quite unlike many mills out there.

Behind the site sits a professional setup with editors being told to be totally anal about quality, and a database of writers given rules that will certainly deflect any low quality content writers. They always have a lot of work. One great start. You select a keyword, research and then write it within 8 hours.

As mentioned, they have a tough set of guidelines. Though, after a few articles, you get used to simply writing in a consistent professional style as per their guidelines. Payment varies depending on a grading system: a standard 3 star article review nets you $15, a 4 star $17.50 and it goes up for 5 stars to $35.

This is not just a filler but alongside a selection of sites can easily create a full-time freelance writing job.

My target is $100 a day from these sites so I do write for higher paying publishers. Though, careful adherence to their rules can net you $100 a day if you carefully craft 4 or more articles daily - that number is well below the norm.

If you need work, and at a guess, reading this means you are seeking work - give it a shot. I get paid consistently each month. They pay on the 5th of each month OR check this out, when you hit $100. So, you can request payouts a couple of times or more a week if you work hard.

Top 10 services and Review of Writers Domain

You can try your luck on Craigslist or try sites that give a damn about your freelance writing career.

Sites with lists to pitch:

Writing is Fun

When you have 100s of paying markets to choose from each day!

Try It.


For daily writing work:

Take note of pitching style for magazines by following these query letter style formats from a seasoned writer.

Are you a fiction writer?
Perhaps you are in the process of marketing your first novel. Whether you are or not, there are thousands of publishers posting calls for submissions in every genre.

Freelance Writing Jobs Sites For 2016

Getting to know stoic Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was no easy task for Jason Hall. When the former TV actor showed up at the Kyle's Texas home five years ago to start work on a biopic about the sharp shooter's life and times, Hall recalls, "Chris kind of took it as a joke. He said: 'Go make a movie about something else."

Jason Hall
But Hall persevered and wrote the script for American Sniper. Nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay, the movie, opening wide January 16, stars a nearly unrecognizable Bradley Cooper as the war hero who racked up 162 confirmed kills during four tours of duty in Iraq but had trouble re-adjusting to civilian life back in Texas with his wife (portrayed by Sienna Miller) and two kids.
Hall talks to Co.Create about how he a used a billionaire connection and some wicked wrestling moves to gain Kyle's confidence after making the pivot from frustrated actor to Oscar-nominated screenplay writer.

Read the full article on Co.Create

How The Writer Of "American Sniper" Went From Failed Actor To Oscar Nominee

Freelance writing is one of the most rewarding careers I can think of. I get to set my own hours, choose my clients, and work from anywhere in the world. As a person who regularly grabs a backpack and wanders the world for months at a time, it’s hard to imagine doing anything else.

Just as I found starting a freelance writing career to be one of the best and most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made, there are thousands of other writers out there who feel the same. For every person making money as freelance writer though, there are a thousand wannabes who fell along the way and never got back up.

It’s easy to see why so many people fail at becoming paid writers. It takes countless hours of dedication to improve your writing skills and, in the beginning; the majority of these will be unpaid.

Read the full Article

Make Money as a Freelance Writer

Good morning Writer’s Job Board freelance writers. How is your week going so far? Have you been applying to a few new writing jobs each week? I used my own job board on Monday and landed myself a new job. I hope it is being just as useful for you in your search for the best freelance writing jobs.

Just some sample updates:

Content Writing Jobs

 Website Content Writing Job for an International Language Firm (Remote) – Pay: Negotiable monthly salary
Food and Dining Guide Writer at (Washington D.C.) – Pay: $10 an hour
Food Storytellers at (Remote) – Pay: 25% revenue share
Pop Culture and Celebrity Content Writing Jobs at (Remote) – Pay: TBD
Freelance Content and Blog Writing Jobs at an Online Marketing Firm (Remote) – Pay: TBD
Wine and Food Lifestyle Freelance Writing Jobs at (Remote) – Pay: $50 per article

Nearly 30 new freelance writing jobs posted today!

In 2014, a lesson learnt regarding how blogs should not be ignoreed paved the way for an important update for group members on Freelance Writing Jobs For All Levels Of Experience. Blogs can be effective lead generating tools and here is the post.

Using your blog to attract more leads for writing work - advice from Stephen, Group Admin

Hi Group

For this week's post, I thought a little on using your blog to show that you are worth approaching for freelance writing services. It is very easy to neglect the growth of your blog. Let's face it, we spend most of our time on social media groups - like this one...

It may be that you struggle with traffic to your blog and you just prefer to spend time off-site. Though, your blog provides a standpoint for visitors from social channels to look at your writing style and services. A little more attention can wing more leads your way.

Some quick points:

1. Guest post on other freelance writing blogs, include a link to your site. Write relevant and useful tips based on your experience. Plus, invite influential bloggers on freelance writing to post to your blog.

2. Share any new blog content you write on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other channels. DON'T SPAM! Do take care on how much you share and the frequency. You need to interact with the posts, respond to comments rather than just blast posts and never visit the feeds.

3. Link any of your new posts with other related posts on your blog. This helps keep visitors on your site.

4. Make sure your blog posts have a call to action to your writing services. If the reader loved your post, chances are they will take notice of your writing services. Simple call to actions are: If you would like advice on how to build your content, and reach your audience, do contact me on ......

There it is, quick steps, and it works. Be influential, and respond to people. Talk to your prospects, and they will respond. Show a useful blog and they keep returning for more.

Best All
Group Admin

A brief mention of my updated eBook showing how to start earning money from freelance writing immediately. So many writers on LinkedIn in my active group 'Freelance Writing Jobs For All Levels Of Experience' have purchased my eBook and moved on to successful freelance writing careers.

I updated the eBook in April and May 2014 with new sites. The eBook hand holds you through a number of sites paying you for submitting content. You will start earning immediately once you start working your way through the listed sites.

I show you how to create an income from the first day. If you are just starting out as a freelance writer, the eBook will guide you to the sites that pay you on a weekly or monthly basis.

Get all the details and reviews at

Best Posts From LinkedIn: Using your blog to attract more leads

4 Tips On Sourcing Work From Copywriting Agencies

Finding clients is the real pain for so many freelance writers and frankly, the pain never really ends. Though, you can find ways to gain long-term work and cover yourself against the bleak dead income periods. In previous articles, I have talked about using various sites for sourcing daily work. Though many are low paid and you should also be focusing on the higher paid work once you create a portfolio.

Here are 4 tips on approaching copywriting agencies. Why? They have lots of clients... And what do you need, well, clients. Many retain a team of freelancers to work remotely and provide them with weekly content. If you Google ad agency, or copywriting agency, you will get lists. Also, try  by location so add your city location in the search box.

However, just sending a letter requesting work is not enough. You must not seem like a Jack of all Trades as this puts agencies off. They want specialists, professionals who know their business.

1. As mentioned. Your specialism. Be clear in your cover letter on your best skillsets. Perhaps you write case studies well or can optimise product descriptions so much that Google loves your client e-shops. Perhaps you are a gardening expert or a superb web developer. Know your strengths and play to them and be clear on your specialist areas on your cover letter.

2.  Attach an updated and focused resume. Your resume should show not talk about your freelance writing successes. Did some copy you write send funnels of traffic to a client, did another article attract lots of great feedback? Present how your work benefited your clients in terms of their results, and if they gave feedback, place the glowing review with the project details.

3. What are your rates? If your answer is: Oh, I will let the client decide. That is wrong. The wrong approach begins with not knowing the price of your quality. Decide on a per word or day rate and ensure this is clarified in your correspondence to agencies.

4.  So, you have nice cover letter covering the above. Now, next, send the same cover letter to lots of agencies. Correct. Nope, that's wrong. Show some interest in the agency by including in your letter why you can be of service to them. Perhaps the agency specialises in IT white papers, or in lifestyle articles, just examples. Point is, why are you able to write for them, and why should they hire you. Each letter should be tailored to the agency focusing on the services they offer. If the agency only deals with direct marketing newsletters for B2B, pointless talking about your great article on mountaineering in the Alps.

So, hope that all helps. Be diligent about your professionalism and the results will come.

Stephen Davies MSc

The busy freelance writer has work every day, I show you how to earn daily just by writing articles on sites paying up to $500 an article.

4 Tips On Sourcing Work From Copywriting Agencies

writing for money


Start creating an income from today?

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I wrote my eBook based on years of experience through trial and error looking for freelance writing jobs. Now you, as a freelance content writer can access sites paying you from today for your content writing skills.

This eBook was updated in November 2015. 

The new 3rd edition shows a polished look with new sites paying for content every day. 

See a selection of reviews below plus a full review from a writer at the foot of this page,
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"I have reviewed your book and think it's well worth the money. I was expecting it to be much shorter (based on others available). There are quite a few links to be investigated and I was surprised that you even went into HTML commands and advanced search engine techniques." - Alex Keane

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" I have been continually reading Stephen's eBook and I guess my only problem is knowing where I need to get started. He did all of the hard work so we wouldn't have to. This book is chock full of information he laborously put together so others would have access. He took all of the guesswork out of it and made it easier to access what we need to be looking for. And he is using this group to continually update us on more information. For those of us who were fortunate enough to get a free copy of the book, feel lucky. Anyone else interested that might have to pay, it is more than worth the investment. Thanks for helping all of us, Stephen!" - Rich Briggs

I work as a freelance copywriter and social media marketer. For many years, I provided businesses with content for their blogs. It's been a long road.

I can save you the pain of spending hours trawling the web for work. Foremost, how to find sites that pay for articles and how to build a business not just as a content writer but also as a content marketer.

On writing work, the eBook covers how I succeeded at finding such sites plus a lot more than just listing sites that pay for articles. It guides you through the process of offering value as a content marketing specialist.

Of course, you may not want to offer marketing services and just write. Easy, just go through the lists of sites that pay and carve out a daily writing plan.

The eBook contains information on various online freelance writing jobs and how to market yourself to bring work to you. The eBook shows you:
  • Lists of sites that pay by the amount up to $500, and by specialism
  • An interesting way to grab freelance writing project batch orders
  • Which revenue sharing sites have paid me?
  • Quick tips for optimising articles
  • How showing marketing skills gets you more trust and freelance writing jobs
  • Proofreading services and tools - which are FREE?
Soon, your first taste of real success will come along as with Mike on LinkedIn:
I'm working a contract on People Per Hour that will, in the end, net me more than $4,000. And, it has led to another contract, even more lucrative, with the same client.

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 I look forward to your reviews on the LinkedIn subgroup.  

Review from Parsi Bagan, a freelance content writer:
Are you frustrated each time you search online for suitable sites that provide you with an opportunity to earn money from the comfort of your home, by writing articles? Google might help you accomplish your goal only if you know how to use its syntax properly. Otherwise, you will land up with pages containing worthless sites, including those that demand you money upfront before they provide you with any job opportunities. Does this imply that you can never find suitable content writing sites on the net? Fortunately, "Writing For Money: The Online Writer’s Path To A Full Time Income" provides you with plenty of information about genuine content writing sites that will help you to earn a steady income, writing articles from home. If you are a good writer, you might even earn more than what you are earning from your 9-5 job, by following and making use of the leads provided in this e-book. Apart from this, the guide also reveals secrets, using which, you can harness the power of Google to source work from SEO firms and agencies. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Stephen, the author of this amazing e-book provides you with countless other hints and tips worth hundreds of Dollars. I have been a writer for nearly 5 years and believed I knew everything related to writing on the web. Stephen has changed my views with the valuable hints provided in his e-book. This is a must-purchase for those who plan to begin writing for the web and for seasoned writers as well. Just a single approved article will help you recover the cost of this amazing guide. This e-book should have been priced much more.  
Table of Contents
What is not covered in this eBook?
First, some advice and a reality check
Sites that pay per article
Lists By Payment Offered, Bookmark, Get Writing!
Check these job search engines every day
Job Sites where freelance writing jobs are found
Do you have specialist knowledge? Find writing jobs that pay high fees.
Using Google Part 1: How to catch writing jobs by your skill instantly
Using Google Part 2: How to source work from SEO firms and agencies
Revenue sharing sites worth your time
SEO copywriting tips for articles targeting keywords
Offer Clients A Content Marketing Plan – They Want Visitors, so Give It To Them!
Use a fantastic site for selling services
A Concluding Note from the Author
Useful Links & Templates for Your Writing Career

The reviews from writers using the eBook keep coming on Linkedin:
Stephen's book is chock full of sites that pay better. If you can afford it, I'd get it. It's in the process of making me several thousand dollars right now. -Mike Aguilar
I just bought it last week, Mike, and it's amazing! I'm still working on the lists, but I've already secured several good paying jobs. -Nida Sea
This is an excellent compilation, Stephen. Thank you for the wonderful work you do. Keep it up. It is much appreciated. -David K. William

Once you start using the eBook, freelance writing jobs will no longer elude you. Find ways to earn money every day.

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