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How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

The first move tends to be content mills and this suits at first but prepare for a better career than $5 articles. One of the reasons I check The Write Life and The Penny Hoarder is not just that the tips are useful but also the facts stand up against tested formats. Just typing Write For Us into Google brings up lots of blogs wanting posts.

You should start out with your own blog, one that shows your profile clearly. Buy a domain or just use blogger or Wix. Plus add some samples of articles or links to guest posts and then start pitching sites. This simple approach immediately steers you around dreaded $5 jobs on content mills.

Kick off with a professional eye, this gets you taken seriously. If you are an expert in a subject area, why are you on content mills? Lots of blogs and corporate ones need you. Even if you lack a specialism, what are your interests. Perhaps you are adept at fishing. Any fishing blogs out there - damn right.

This is my article choice from the webosphere today as it talks about that foothold as a beginner writer.

If you’re looking to work from home as a freelance writer, there is
certainly a plethora of opportunities out there. As a beginner, it can
be daunting when deciding where to start.

When I was aspiring to become a freelance writer, I remember how I
kept obsessing over how I was going to land my first writing gig. In
turn, I started a mission to figure out how every other successful
freelance writer got their start. The results? Everyone got started in a
different way. Some had people approach them to write, while others had
to hustle and send 20 different pitches before landing a client.

With freelancing, everyone’s beginning is different but there is one
underlying similarity: taking action and getting started. Even though I
landed my first freelance writing job fairly easy, I still had to establish a blog and put up a ‘hire me’ page so potential clients knew I was looking for work.

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How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners - Single Moms Income

Never undersell yourself. If desperate for money, go through lists of paying work carefully and pitch at a pace carefully - do not rush or panic. There are 1000s of paying sites in most niches, start with a few to pitch, then increase that as the writing pace gets more comfortable.

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