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Who Wants Freelance Writing Work Daily? Here It Is

Looking for freelance writing work?

A quick scurry around various sites reveals plenty to consider.

Think about your interests and skills when looking for blogs paying for articles.

$200 per article, typically within a month of publication.

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I am listing just one content mill as I urge you to find clients instead. This one is okay as they pay regularly.

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Always daily updated lists and a good site for finding long term clients

Great lists updated daily and curated sources from Craigslist and many job boards

Useful mainly for US residents but always worth a check to see if remote positions are offered to non-US residents

Don't forget to use the job search engines. Indeed lists lots of UK freelance writing jobs, switch to the .com site for US and international vacancies.

Useful tips on finding freelance writing work in Facebook Groups. The groups are very active where the focus is on sharing useful information. Many groups are dedicated to sharing places to find work.

No personal experience of this site but some writers have claimed it delivers

This site has been active for years, they list writer roles

Google+ like Facebook plays host to a number of freelance writing communities. Here is one example, a worthy group with a Jobs section to check weekly.

This is the only bidding site to mention as they list regular work

More updates like this to come. Keep checking back and read over the popular articles section to see further lists of sites.

100s of sites paying writers for content each day!

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