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Who Wants Freelance Writing Jobs Daily?

Never ceases to surprise me how many sites are paying for content. Gone are the days of you thinking $5 an article worked, or spending a day writing and correcting for an editor not paying more than $20. Better freelance writing jobs exist, each day.

Those days are no more.

It takes some digging, though diamonds can be found.

What are your interests?

Let’s look at this from the point of view of a struggling freelance writer. Let’s call him Sam. Sam likes to write about Android apps coupled with a further interest in coding apps for Android phones. Sam is a programmer, he codes apps and sells them. Though, Sam loves to review Android apps and write about the plethora of useful apps for business, games available, etc.

The freelance writer in him wants to write. And Sam gains a secondary income from freelance writing jobs.

As a starting point, as he knows app development so well, he wants to be paid to write about it.

Ok, Sam, here goes.

Step 1, Avoid the content mills. This suits beginning writers and if that is you, they can pay some bills but if you can write professionally about a subject, look for higher paying assignments. This is what Sam is about to do. Even if there are app article projects there, pay is too low. Technical writers can easily get paid up to $500 for writing useful blogs regularly.

Sam needs to find blogs about:

    1. Tips on coding apps for Android

    2. Tutorials and News about Android apps.

Great. A starting point.

Now where to look?? Easy, Google, with a focus on sites paying for programming tutorials.

Sam searches for the following varying the periods to find more recent blogs showing up last month or last week. He tries:

android development tutorials
android programming tips
android programming blog

That brings up top blogs, and a lot want guest posts, Great! But which ones pay. Are these potential freelance writing jobs?

Sam is not doing this for traffic to his blog, he wants to paid for the articles he writes. A browse through the results provides a list of sites paying from $50 to $500 per article. Sam grabs the links, adds them to a spreadsheet, the first batch of sites to pitch.

Now back to Google (there are many ways to find sites, not just search engines, do make use of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest too, I also recommend Followerwonk and Buzzsumo).

Sam wants to target blogs with requests for writers so he tries:

"write for us" android programming "we pay"

Boom! A list, In fact, Sam is spoilt for choice and adds a huge batch of sites to the sheet.

I won’t go into the pitch part here, that will be a later article but right now Sam has a number of high paying blogs to pitch. In fact, if he writes about 8 articles a month, he can get paid as much as $2000 if he can gain the trust of the editors and provide consistently useful material for their readers.

Try your own variations of the above search phrase.

Looking for freelance writing work?
I created a new list by the way.

There you go. It took Sam about an hour to create an income of around $2000 a month.

Of course, the pitches decide if the income goes ahead, as does finding editors who are happy with his work. This is the first step. Sam can pitch each blog until he has enough article ideas accepted and filled his writing quota for the month.

This is just one way to create a writing income. Plus, these are sites that may pay upfront or once accepted. Even if upon publication, this is a quick turnaround as editors want their blogs updated frequently.

Rather than wait for freelance writing jobs to appear on job sites, go pitch for them.

Try it. What are your skills? What do you talk about with friends? Where do your passions sit?

These thoughts point you to subject matter that a blog somewhere pays writers like you to submit.

Have a good day all.

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