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how to get freelance writing jobs

So, you have decided to embark on locating that all important first freelance writing role. Its a long journey to actual high earnings depending on your skills, experience in your chosen niche, and your writing ability.

Good freelance writers can research and write on any topic but its always useful to start with a subject that really interests you. You can write for numerous business sites, article directories, blogs, and lots of freelance writing projects exist.

While you build your portfolio, you may have to go for lower paying projects so you can gain credibility in your niche. But that does not mean accepting jobs paying slave labour style rates, and I will point you in the right direction so that even as a beginner, you can get paid a decent rate.

Types of Writing Jobs

Lets start with article writing jobs. Its a good idea to build a profile on some bidding sites, long term clients can be picked up here.

So many avenues exist for writers
and for all levels of experience.
There is a LinkedIn group discussing
various sites that pay for articles
and how to find the freelance
work every day, join the conversation.

If you have no experience, there are sites that pay for high quality articles that are researched well, and proof read. As long as you can do that, sites do exist paying writers with no commercial experience.

More experienced writers with a portfolio can look for 'write for us' pages on Google. Many blogs now accept guest posts and for no pay but there are lots of high traffic blogs needing the best unique content. These usually pay for the articles and many pay up to $500 per post.

Then take a look at some sites that request submissions.

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