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Developing A Strategy As A Freelance Writer

You get up, check your email, yawn a bit, check for new projects, apply for more...

It is a weekly grind that us writers get accustomed to week in week out.

That is us freelance content writers keeping in touch with the demand for blog content, newsletters, social media story writing, etc.

Or perhaps as a fiction writer, you are aiming for a publishing contract now you have a series of recognised tales.

What is your strategy? Do you have one?

Not so much on goals as how you get there. Your goal may be on obvious one: create a fulltime income by the end of the month.

Or your goal may be: Create an extra income stream from writing.

So, how do you get there and how do you approach walking this new path.

Here are top freelance writing sites with articles from experienced writers listing their strategy tips.

1. How to Get Clients as a Freelance Writer: 10 Brilliant Strategies

Whether you’re just starting your freelance writing career or slogging through a slow period, figuring out how to get clients can be nerve-wracking.

The hard truth: You’re going to have to hustle to get new writing clients. Even the most experienced freelancers have to expand their circles on a regular basis.

2. Conduct Better Phone Interviews: 5 Strategies for Freelance Writers

For freelance writers who work with magazines or online publications, completing phone interviews is a way of life.

Technology, social media and email have certainly made it easier to connect with sources, but when it comes to writing a feature story, phone interviews beat email every time.

3. 10 Simple Strategies to Market Yourself as a Freelance Writer

Do you ever get stuck on the thought of how to market yourself as a freelance writer?
I mean we are not Target, Amazon or Nike, so how do small-business people/freelance writers like ourselves get our brand out there in the BIG World Wide Web?

If you have ever thought this, you are not alone. I thought the same thing myself when I started. Thankfully, I learned that it wasn’t as difficult as it seemed to build my brand and get my name out there. It just took a little time and effort and knowing HOW to do it.

Think out your plan, know how to achieve it, and focus!

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