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Writing An Article as a Freelance Writer - Just The Facts

Research is the bane of any writer's life but without hours of tedious fact mining, we cannot progress as writers or perform well on projects. Writing an article follows a strict process and writers who follow it shine above others.

Instantly, a badly written article addressing the wrong facts or plain missing them costs you credibility. Many editors require citations to know facts mentioned are found from credible sources. If you acquired the research data from your own work, your ability to scrape qualitative and quantitative data must show in the text.

One of the biggest complaints from editors: a freelance writer who makes statements with no evidence to back it up. Have you read articles with plain text stating something like:

Tobacco kills around 6 million people each year

Okay, so the editor asks: how did you know that. Then the article mentions no sources, no quotes from an industry professional, nothing collected, no hard data - no facts.

A press release, at its core, delivers on credible quotes and statistics if talking about a title like that. The statement fails to become a shaker for smokers if they don't really believe what they are reading. Conversely, if data collected from an organisation shows in the article, like you spoke to lots of smokers, many doctors, health organisations and from something like Worldwide Cancer Research - it becomes believable as it is now credible.

A good freelance writer will give the magazine readers hard facts, just the facts backed by sources.

So, where to get the facts? How do you present an article able to raise an editor's eyebrows at your startling findings. He loves the pitch, he loves how the pitch mentions the article will show stats, credible quotes, etc. It may even be a curated piece for a blog, all fine, if the sources are there to back up the article direction.

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Just the facts, credible facts.

How Freelance Article Writers Can Find Facts Fast — And Make Sure They’re True

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