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The Write Job Today's Latest 5 Freelance Writing Job Article Choices

Browsing the wide digital landscape, scouring for freelance writing job information, and not getting lost tends to stumble on a range of good ideas worth reading. Some sites host regular blog updates of use to us freelance writers, sometimes with startling tips that make you go - Oooo and Ahhhh!

Here is a little round up of 5 we found interesting from the past 24 hours.

Have you got a question about freelance writing jobs? Something that mystifies you and holds you back from pursuing this career full out, because you don’t want to look stupid? 

2. Freelance Writing Jobs, July 13, 2015

FWJ always comes out on top with its daily freelance writing job feeds.

3. Renegade Writer Interview with Jordan Rosenfeld on the Value of Persistence for Writers [Podcast & PDF]

Renegade Writer scores with winning interviews with industry veterans. From the article: Jordan Rosenfeld is the author of the new book A Writer’s Guide to Persistence: How to a Create a Lasting and Productive Writing Practice, and I was excited to be able to spend 30 minutes with her discussing:
  • How editors and agents want to be seduced — they WANT to say yes! — and how many writers muff it up by talking down about themselves.
  • How to banish distraction — both the home kind and the Internet kind.
  • Why you need a Writer’s Code, and how to create one.
  • And much more...

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4. Ask a Freelancer: Should Writers Be Able to Track Traffic and Other Metrics?
Important read for the real freelancer who wants to stay motivated. A top way, monitor your readership's engagement. Do you know how many of your articles are read each day, have been read recently, and how many have been shared across social media?

5. Quick Tip: Keep Blog Post Ideas Coming by Writing a Series
Allindiewriters scores with a nice way to keep blog ideas flowing:

Recently we looked at eight blog post ideas you can fall back on if you suddenly aren't sure what to write about on your blog. Today I have another tip along those lines -- something you can do on a regular basis to make idea generation a bit easier.
This week's quick tip for bloggers is to write post series rather than relying solely on one-off article ideas. 

That's our quick roundup. More next week.

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