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Top 10 services and Review of Writers Domain

For some time, I have enjoyed submitting articles to the much more professional content mill - Writers Domain at In fact, calling it a content mill sort of degrades the value a bit as the site is quite unlike many mills out there.

Behind the site sits a professional setup with editors being told to be totally anal about quality, and a database of writers given rules that will certainly deflect any low quality content writers. They always have a lot of work. One great start. You select a keyword, research and then write it within 8 hours.

As mentioned, they have a tough set of guidelines. Though, after a few articles, you get used to simply writing in a consistent professional style as per their guidelines. Payment varies depending on a grading system: a standard 3 star article review nets you $15, a 4 star $17.50 and it goes up for 5 stars to $35.

This is not just a filler but alongside a selection of sites can easily create a full-time freelance writing job.

My target is $100 a day from these sites so I do write for higher paying publishers. Though, careful adherence to their rules can net you $100 a day if you carefully craft 4 or more articles daily - that number is well below the norm.

If you need work, and at a guess, reading this means you are seeking work - give it a shot. I get paid consistently each month. They pay on the 5th of each month OR check this out, when you hit $100. So, you can request payouts a couple of times or more a week if you work hard.

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