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Best Posts From LinkedIn: Using your blog to attract more leads

In 2014, a lesson learnt regarding how blogs should not be ignoreed paved the way for an important update for group members on Freelance Writing Jobs For All Levels Of Experience. Blogs can be effective lead generating tools and here is the post.

Using your blog to attract more leads for writing work - advice from Stephen, Group Admin

Hi Group

For this week's post, I thought a little on using your blog to show that you are worth approaching for freelance writing services. It is very easy to neglect the growth of your blog. Let's face it, we spend most of our time on social media groups - like this one...

It may be that you struggle with traffic to your blog and you just prefer to spend time off-site. Though, your blog provides a standpoint for visitors from social channels to look at your writing style and services. A little more attention can wing more leads your way.

Some quick points:

1. Guest post on other freelance writing blogs, include a link to your site. Write relevant and useful tips based on your experience. Plus, invite influential bloggers on freelance writing to post to your blog.

2. Share any new blog content you write on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other channels. DON'T SPAM! Do take care on how much you share and the frequency. You need to interact with the posts, respond to comments rather than just blast posts and never visit the feeds.

3. Link any of your new posts with other related posts on your blog. This helps keep visitors on your site.

4. Make sure your blog posts have a call to action to your writing services. If the reader loved your post, chances are they will take notice of your writing services. Simple call to actions are: If you would like advice on how to build your content, and reach your audience, do contact me on ......

There it is, quick steps, and it works. Be influential, and respond to people. Talk to your prospects, and they will respond. Show a useful blog and they keep returning for more.

Best All
Group Admin

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