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Writing sites that pay - Write for Money Online: What Are the Possibilities?

By []Timothy B Smith

A lot of people are looking for places to write for money. In older days newspaper companies, magazines, and publishing houses have been the central arena for writers to pour out all their energy into. In this age of digital technology and globalization, however, the Internet has opened a vast array of new opportunities for aspiring writers.

The World Wide Web, however, since it has expanded to an unimaginable extent, is not so friendly to beginning writers who have no idea where to begin. For people who plan to write for money online, here are few possibilities to consider:

Create a Blog
Blogging is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to get written work published. A number of websites offer free blogging platforms for their members, which can then be used however way they please, on any niche they find appealing, without requiring programming knowledge and advanced computer skills. To write for money bloggers often integrate their blogs with affiliate websites that share sales revenue for products sold, or with advertising sites that post ads in strategic locations on their pages.

Freelance writing is growing in popularity these days, along with the growth of the web. Web developers often look for people who are willing to write for money to fill their pages with content. Freelance writers are often paid for every assignment they submit, or for every hour of work, depending on the terms set by the company or the employer. Also, there are other freelance writing sites that pay their writers for every thousand clicks an article gets, thereby centering traffic as the main source of revenue.

Write Reviews
A number of platforms online allow users to write for money by making product and service reviews. Depending on the chosen niche, it may cover food reviews, clothing and apparel, beauty and skin care products, sports gear, household furniture, and many more. Some of these companies ship their products to the writer so that they can have a firsthand experience on how the items fare, while some others depend on writers who have already used their merchandise to give reviews.

On writing sites that pay
To write for money online isn't as simple as it sounds. One of the most important things to look out for is the ever-present trouble with Internet scams. Not all websites that promise money, deliver. It is vital, therefore, to take note of and best avoid unnecessary investments before proving early on whether or not the site is legitimate.

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