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8 Tips to Finding Daily Writing Job Leads

By []Gabrielle Talley

Having a freelance writing job is a lot of fun. You not only get to stay at home and write, but you can do it on your own schedule. If you need extra money besides your regular income, writing for websites has you covered.

But, where do you start? So many writers get stuck at the beginning stage and don't realize how easy it is to get hired with many companies on the Internet.

I've listed eight tips for you to get started finding companies that pay well online from many resources available. I hope you will use these to get started writing for a living at home.

Find job boards. Sites that list regular job postings not only list 9 to 5 jobs, but telecommute jobs that you can use to work from home. Sites include the popular, Simply Hired and Career Builder. These websites have advanced filters you can use to narrow your search results.
Use niche websites. Many writing job leads come from niche websites that cater to their community with high paying writing jobs listed daily. These websites take care of the searching for you. All you have to do is visit the site daily to see postings or sign up with RSS and have them delivered to your email inbox.
Check Craigslist. Make sure when you check this popular listing directory that you check all possible locations you can think of for telecommute writing jobs. For example, if you live in Austin, TX, check Craigslist in New York, Los Angeles and many other locations around the nation. Many companies post writing jobs online in different areas and are telecommuting friendly. All you have to do is apply.
Sign up to paid job search databases. The ones I have found that offer very good job possibilities are great resources and have regular job postings with Fortune 100 to 500 companies.
Use Google Alerts. Sign up and type in "writing jobs online" for the alert. You can set the frequency for these to daily, weekly or monthly depending on how aggressive you want to be when searching for online writing jobs.
Use Yahoo Pipes. These work just like Google Alerts, but you can select different search engines to target that include Google and many others.
Hire a service to search for you. If you don't have a lot of time, you can hire a service to take care of the search and resume posting for you. This is mainly used for people who already have a job position but want to write for companies online and move into freelance work.
Type "write for us" in Google. By typing different keywords into Google or another search engine, you will have results bring back a listing of different websites and companies that need writers. When I tried this, I found at least twenty eight that pay well for freelance blog posts and articles.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today finding daily writing job leads so you can do what you love.

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